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Retrieving the Dream – Inside Higher Ed

In Assessment on April 6, 2011 by Jim Luke Tagged: ,

News: Retrieving the Dream – Inside Higher Ed.

Well, yeah. There’s not going to be much improvement in outcomes until:

  1. We, including the administration and the IT support folks along with all faculty, get our hands dirty changing and monitoring what goes on inside the course – the teaching, the design, the assessments, etc.   No amount of high level data and/or policy changes will do much with changing the insides of the courses.
  2. We get serious about assessment of teaching and learning inside the course.  All ATD does is focus on success rates by course or larger aggregation.  That doesn’t really help faculty know what or how to change.  It’s a step.  But ATD is like providing a baseball coach/football coach with a win-loss record.  Yeah, it’s essential, but the team’s performance won’t change until we have data on things that are more granular.  In baseball you have a wealth of stats on each phase of the game: ERA, batting average, slugging average, etc.  Same with football.  In college teaching all we have is gut intuition.  We’re flying blind.